How can we avoid wasting time

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Ways to stop wasting time:

How can we avoid wasting time

1) Enable Do Not Disturb mode on your phone

There are many distractions with the smartphone. There is something so satisfying about hearing our phones ding or buzz. Students often take online tutoring classes with smartphones. Due to the shot of dopamine we receive when we check our notifications, it makes us feel good. Most of the time, the text is a personal loan offer from the bank or a grocery offer you would never be able to accept.

It is a struggle to fight against your own desire to check your text messages when you are a human being. However, the problem does not lie with just checking a message.

In addition to the text message, we can also check our other notifications once we open the phone. After another 20 minutes of scrolling through the news feed, you notice someone liked your Instagram photo.

Increasingly, social media apps are learning how to hold your attention for long periods of time. Whether it’s studying, working, or doing anything else important, you’re interrupted as a victim.

To eliminate your phone’s buzzing and notification sounds, choose not to allow your phone to buzz.

All day except between 8 PM and 11 PM, I leave my phone on DND. For 21 hours a day, my phone rests on DND aside from those 3 hours. By doing this, I am saving a great deal of time.

Here is the one tip you should implement out of the list. You aren’t realizing how much you are distracted by your phone if you believe that you only use it a little. Make yourself familiar with the difference by putting your phone on DND for one day. Make sure you give this a try at least once before dismissing it.

2) Use websites instead of apps

Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media apps were already on my phone. Mobile applications simplify and streamline usage. While websites cannot send you notifications, apps can, which can lead to addiction.

There is usually a website to go with most of these apps. By using, you can use Facebook as an app or on the browser as a website. This also applies to Youtube, Quora, and Instagram.

There is a little more effort involved in using the website than an app. Suppose, for example, you need to open a browser, type the website and then wait a few seconds. Applications can handle all of this instantaneously.

You should take advantage of the extra effort required for the website.

Humans dislike spending extra time on things. The extra effort required for the website itself is a way of surmounting the urge.

3) Use time blocking

When possible, keep to scheduled time slots. In your area of expertise, you may set aside the first hour of your day for learning and improving. Then you can devote the following hour to any long-term goals you have. Checking your email and other activities can fill the third hour.

You make better progress overall if you work during these time slots. It may be difficult to keep track of your tasks if you don’t have a clear plan. Tasks may overlap and others may be cut short. Consequently, you bounce around from one task to another like a balloon blown by the wind.

This tip is a must for small business owners to avoid getting distracted.

4) Log out of websites like Youtube, Instagram

Machine Learning has become a key component in most social networks today. These networks know what you like and dislike based on how you use them.

As examples, I like watching The Impractical Joker, The Carbonaro Effect, and short book summaries. My face would be filled with a few of these videos if I opened Youtube. Like a dog offered a bone, I would fall prey to the temptation and click on it.

YouTube knows even which videos to recommend to you based on your viewing habits. The app would suggest various book summaries if I opened it in the morning. The app would present various funny videos in the evening. Thank goodness for YouTube, it holds our attention.

The last time you logged out of Youtube, it had no idea who you were or what you liked. Check out the videos in an incognito browser window. Those videos won’t be as interesting for you.

Apart from that, logging out and logging back in every time becomes a hassle. This leads to fewer temptations, as mentioned in the previous tip.

5) Don’t wait for the exact hour or half-hour to begin

By the time I reach work by 9:20, I’d decide to start at 9:30. I’d check my group messages for ten minutes during that time. I would find a YouTube video via one of the messages. As soon as I watched it, I would watch others recommended by the recommendations.

Halfway through the video, I will be at 9:30. Nevertheless, because the video was so funny, I would continue watching it. The video ends at 9:36, so I’ll continue watching until then.

I would postpone my work until 10 p.m. now that I have crossed my best time to start. You know what happens next. I cannot get out of this cycle.

If the clock strikes exactly 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, then you must wait until that time comes. Having started in the past, now is the right time to keep going.

6) Set an end time for a break

I felt like a break was deserved once a task was completed. However, it was not the number of breaks I took that was problematic. Instead, I had to think about how long each break was. Sometimes after finishing a task in 30 minutes, I would convince myself I deserved a 5-minute break.

Five minutes of break would turn into 30 minutes. My breaks are usually longer than 30 minutes when completing a task that takes 30 minutes. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Your break should end at a specific time. The break is over after 10 minutes if you decide to take one.

7) Keep 1 thing open

One of my bad habits was to leave my browser open with many tabs open. A second browser window with more than ten tabs would also be open. Each tab contained a different website, on average. The majority were sites I had previously opened.

The majority of them I had no need for, because I was too lazy to close them. I use a browser for almost all my work. As a result, I eventually saw some notifications on one of the tabs I had left open when I was deep into work. Let’s take Facebook, for instance.

Checking the notification tab would be my first step. I would end up spending some time on Facebook even if the notification was a friend asking for a life on Candy Crush.

You should keep only your active browser tab or application open.

You can prioritize tasks and accomplish them faster if you do them one at a time.

8) Follow the 2-minute rule

According to David Allen, who introduced the 2-minute rule in his book Getting Things Done, it is a simple yet useful concept.

You should complete any task that requires fewer than two minutes right away, rather than postponing it. It will take five or more minutes to remember the task later, recall the necessary areas, and perform the task. You may forget the task entirely in some situations.

A quick response to an email requires you to step out for a break just as you are about to step out. Take action immediately. Follow 2-minute rule while doing multiple projects through online homework help.

A quick phone call has been put on your mind as you take a break. Pick the phone and make the call then and there. Whenever possible, if you are able to complete a task quickly, do it immediately.



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